Vegetables Unplugged offers a small portion of our harvest for ordering on a weekly basis. Selection may be limited as CSA member's baskets take priority, and our produce varies from week to week throughout the season.

Note: Please be aware that while items shown below are updated as often as possible, we do not guarantee their availability. Should an item you order no longer be available, you will be informed promptly.

Terms: Vegetable orders can be picked up at our regular basket drop off times (5-6:30 on Monday and Thursday in the City Park in Kingston, or the same times from the Windkeeper Sanctuary on Wolfe Island). Please note that order cancelation must be made by phone or email no later than 6pm on the day before the pickup, or you will be expected to pay for the items as they will already have been picked and transported to the drop off site. We operate on an honour system, so should you not show up to pick up an order, Vegetables Unplugged will not allow you to order again until the previous order is paid for.

Orders can be made by phone (613-549-5393) if necessary between 9am and 6pm (leave a message if no answer), but we prefer they are sent to; in both cases, include

You will receive an email if there is anything in error or if an item becomes unavailable, otherwise your produce will be waiting for you at your pickup time! Please note that we generally do not accept orders on a pickup day.


~ Available Veggies ~



Slobolt Lettuce

Tender, looseleaf variety.


Swiss Chard

Rainbow - 5 colours, crisp

$1/ three stalks

Snap Peas

"Alaska" variety

$3/ 500ml bag